FOKA raceboard details

FOKA 13 is a high performance three fin race kiteboard. It can be sailed with 3,4,5,6 or 7* straps. FOKA is IKA(International Kiteboarding Association) approved and eligible to race from 2013.03.23.

The board was made to be durable and easy to ride. With right set of fins it will forgive many mistakes – you don’t need to be in Worlds’ top 10 to go fast on downwinds and not crash. The carbon fiber and ribs we put in FOKA make it incredibly stiff, so it goes upwind like crazy.


Massive 180mm rocker

Technology: carbon epoxy sandwich shell laminated under high pressure and temperature. It’s hollow meaning there is no core (EPS, XPS, PU) between the deck and bottom.

Finbox: tuttlebox


  • lenght (along rocker) – 1897mm
  • lenght (along straight line) – 1868mm
  • width – 692mm
  • weight – 5550g
  • volume – 96l
  • rocker – 180mm at the nose tip
  • stiffness** 0,9

Board includes pack of all necessary stainless steel screws, bolts and washers to attach footstraps and fins.

*Hollow boards can be much lighter than the traditional ones. Weight savings made it possible to provide a lot of footstrap inserts. Rider of any weight and experience level will find it easy to configure the standing position for any style a race board can be ridden – course racing, long distance, slalom or sightseeing freeride. More details and tutorials on that soon.


**Stiffness measured required by IKA rules (link). Generally – the lower the stiffness value, the stiffer the board. Typical deflection is described by IKA as 5 to 8 mm which gives stiffness of around 3,3 to 5,3. FOKA13 around 4 times stiffer than an average traditional board. If you started worring about your knees already, please don’t. We have done it already for you – the deck is soft enough to absorb hits and vibrations while the bottom keeps it’s shape and goes excactly where directed. 

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